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    Streaming Playlists
    Open in the default audio player on your computer, game machine,
    smart appliance or other device.
    Download link, then click on it. It should open automatically. If not, try another.




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    For best results, plug in to external speakers, turn on your Lava Lamp and crank it up!!

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    Why So Many Darn Players?

    Believe me, I wish there were a lot fewer choices!

    It comes down to what devices you like to use, what technology is available for those devices, where you are located, and who pays royalties for the artists.

    You may prefer to listen on your desktop PC with your default music player, for example Foobar2000. Or you may prefer a pop-up window from a browser. Perhaps from a smart device like Alexa. Or you may be on the go and want to listen on your phone. Or you may live, or be visiting a country, that is not connected to the main US licensing groups. Well, we give you the choice to pick out one, or more, of your favorite listening means.

    To make that choice more complex, technology is changing rapidly and browsers, phones and tablets all accept different formats. For example, new browsers use HTML5 technology, which supports streaming on most things modern, but many older devices still use Flash. Additionally, some browsers put restrictions on what will play on your device So, for example, Live365 provides several different ways to listen to us in the US, Canada and the UK. They have a mobile app that works on iPhones, iPads and Android phones, a standalone PC player, and a player that works from their site within a browser.

    Some people prefer to use the TuneIn app, which is available on phones, as well as Sonos, Alexa, Google, Roku and other devices. It also doesn't block most regions, so you can get Deep Nuggets almost anywhere with the TuneIn app, so we provide that also.

    Why does it matter where you live? Because in the USA and other countries royalties are collected for playing music, but it varies from place to place. As a result, our licenser, Live365, is not available everywhere. So, in addition to the above, we also provide our own pop-out players. It can work on virtually any desktop or mobile device, just about anywhere you can hook up to the Internet.

    Finally, there are those who like using the various other players that just connect up to the stream itself, such as Foobar2000 or Windows Media Center, so those links are also provided, including a direct stream link, so you can tune in directly from a browser without any formal player.

    We know there are a lot of choices, but you will quickly figure out which one you like and stick with it. We are always continuing to improve these features, so please watch the news! If you need help with any of this please contact us.

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